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Last updated: 15/04/2019

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Drug Name Classification Clinical Indication Comments
5-AMINOLAEVULINIC ACID GEL (Ameluz®) Black Actinic keratosis
AVIPTADIL/PHENTOLAMINE intracavernosal injection (Invicorp®) (UPDATED) Green Erectile dysfunction

Not yet reviewed

BREXPIPRAZOLE (Rexulti ®) (NEW) Black Antipsychotics

LPT prescribing group have reviewed and found no significant advantages over existing formulary products

BUDESONIDE (1mg orodipersible tablet) (Jorveza®) (NEW) Black Eosinophilic esophagitis

Not yet reviewed.

BUROSUMAB (Crysvita®) (NEW) Black X-linked hypophosphataemia in children and young people

Not yet reviewed

CANAGLIFLOZIN / METFORMIN (Vokanamet®) Black Type 2 diabetes

Not yet reviewed


Not yet reviewed

CAPHOSOL® Red Oral mucositis in head & neck cancer patients
CEFTAZIDIME / AVIBACTAM (Zavicefta®) (UPDATED) Red As per antimicrobial advice

Prescribe by brand to prevent confusion.

CEFTOLOZANE-TAZOBACTAM (Zerbaxa®) (NEW) Red As per antimicrobial advice
CIPROFLOXACIN HYDROCHLORIDE 3mg / FLUOCINOLONE ACETONIDE 0.25mg (Cetraxal Plus®) (NEW) Black Acute otitis externa (AOE). Acute otitis media in patients with tympanostomy (AOMT)

Not yet reviewed.

DALBAVANCIN (UPDATED) Red Bacterial skin infections

As per antimicrobial working party recommendations

DALTEPARIN (UPDATED) Green Thromboprophylaxis and Treatment of DVT
DARVADSTROCEL (Alofisel®) (UPDATED) Black Complex perianal fistulas in adults with Crohn’s disease

Not recommended by NICE TA 556

DESMOPRESSIN ORAL LYOPHILISATE (Noqdirna ®) (NEW) Green Symptomatic treatment of nocturia due to idiopathic nocturnal polyuria in adults

To be started in primary care only. Please click drug name for more information.

DONEPEZIL (UPDATED) Amber Simple Alzheimer's disease

In line with NICE NG 97

Change in traffic light status from 1st October 2018.

DOXYLAMINE SUCCINATE AND PYRIDOXINE (Xonvea®) (NEW) Black Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy

Not yet reviewed

ENOXAPARIN (UPDATED) Red Thromboprophylaxis and treatment of DVT

Courses started during the dalteparin shortage can be continued to be supplied in primary care

ERENUMAB 70mg injection (NEW) Black Migraine prophylaxis

Not yet reviewed.

ERTUGLIFLOZIN (Steglatro®) (NEW) Black Type 2 diabetes mellitus (for 18yrs and over)

Not yet reviewed

FreeStyle Libre® Sensor (UPDATED) Amber Simple Type 1 diabetes glucose monitoring inline with NHSE criteria.

As per LMSG freestyle libre documents An initiation letter is required for an initial  six month trial. Continuation dependent on letter detailing improvement in the NHSE England parameters. 


GUSELKUMAB (UPDATED) Red Moderate to severe plaque psoriasis in adults

In line with NICE TA 521.


INSULIN ASPART (Fiasp®) (UPDATED) Green Conditional Type 1 and 2 diabetes mellitus in adults

Conditional on prescriber being competent to select appropriate patients.

MEMANTINE (UPDATED) Amber Simple Alzheimer's disease

in line with NICE NG 97

Change in traffic light status from 1st October 2018

NALOXONE nasal spray (Nyxoid®) (NEW) Black Opioid overdose

Not yet reviewed.

NONACOG BETA PEGOL (Refixia®) (NEW) Black Haemophilia B

Not yet reviewed.

OCRELIZUMAB (NEW) Red Relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis

In line with NICE TA 533

Implementation date 25th October 2018

OSPEMIFENE (Senshio®) (NEW) Black Vulvar and vaginal atrophy in post-menopausal women

Not yet reviewed

PRASTERONE 6.5mg PESSARY (Intrarosa®) (NEW) Black Vulvar and vaginal atrophy in postmenopausal women having moderate to severe symptoms

Not yet reviewed.

RIVASTIGMINE (UPDATED) Amber Simple Alzheimer's disease

in line with NICE NG 97

Change in traffic light status from 1st October 2018

SEMAGLUTIDE (Ozempic®) (UPDATED) Green Conditional GLP 1 analogue

Conditional on prescriber being competent to select appropriate patients.

SODIUM HYALURONATE, CO-ENZYME Q10 AND VITAMIN E COMBINATION EYE DROP (VisuXl ®) (NEW) Green Severe dry eye and corneal healing post-surgery
SYMTUZA® (NEW) Red Combination HIV treatment

As part of NHS England Clinical Commissioning policy

TERIPARATIDE (UPDATED) Red Osteoporosis in men and women
TOFACITINIB (NEW) Red Moderately to severely active ulcerative colitis

In line with NICE TA 547

Implementation date 28th February 2019

TRICHLOROACETIC ACID (NEW) Red Resolution of cyst in enucleated socket
TRICLABENDAZOLE (NEW) Red Hepatic fascioliasis

Approved by the Antimicrobial Working Party

ULIPRISTAL ACETATE (Esmya ®) (UPDATED) Red Uterine fibroids

In line with MHRA alert August 2018 regarding risks of liver injury.

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