About Traffic Lights

In common with other local health communities, the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Area Prescribing Committee (LLR APC) acknowledges the benefits of having a Leicestershire Health Community-wide strategy for the managed entry of new drugs and related technologies.  This strategy is implemented through a “Traffic Light” list which defines the level and mechanisms of recommended use for new medicines-related innovations which become available.

All established drugs not included in this Traffic Light list have not been considered by LLR APC therefore require decision making on a case by case basis by the prescriber. Green drugs  are newer drugs which have been specifically considered by LLR APC.  Green status does not imply that they are superior to existing first-line drugs or are recommended formulary choices. Drugs classified as green will remain on the traffic light list for three years, after which prescribers should refer to the formulary for guidance.

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